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Welcome to AlgoRhythms Mastering!

We are New Mexico's Premier full service digital audio mastering facility for the discriminating musician and producer.

We are 100% dedicated to music mastering and tape restoration/transfers. We don’t record, mix, do video, film, or voiceover work. 

Music mastering is what we do, and it’s the only thing we do. If you want the most experienced and professional finishing touches for your project, you want someone recognized for excellence. That’s Michael MacDonald at AlgoRhythms Mastering.

With more than twenty-five years of experience operating in New York City, AlgoRhythms moved to Santa Fe, NM in 2016.   We have mastered more than a thousand commercially released recordings in all genres of music from all over the world.


AlgoRhythms Mastering is the only Certified Apple MFiT (Mastered for iTunes) mastering facility in New Mexico.



Please look around and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our work, or how we might add your name to our growing list of satisfied clients.


(212) 517-8177


Michael MacDonald, owner and chief mastering engineer, is a two time Grammy winning recording/mastering engineer.  He was named "Best Mastering Engineer 2018" by the NMMA.

In addition to his studio work, he is the Senior Instructor for Recording Arts and Sciences at the Peabody Institute at Johns Hopkins University.

State of the Art Digital


Prism ADA-8XR

Prism AD-2

Weiss DS-1 mk3

Weiss Saracon Resampling

UAD complete plug in library

Vintage Analog Gear


Ampex ATR 102

Ampex MX10/Neve 1264 line mixer

Studer B67 mkII and Revox A700

Gates Sta-Level

Teletronics LA-2a

Neve 31102

Telefunken V72a

Spectra Sonics 101 line/mic amps


AlgoRhythms/Western Electric CIA custom Inductor amplifier 



Full service mastering in all musical genres, specializing in Jazz, Rock and Acoustic music.  We also specialize in analog tape transfer using Ampex, Studer and Revox tape machines.

Certified Apple MFIT studio maximizes your Apple iTunes release as well as Spotify, Napster, YouTube and other streaming services.

We embrace the newest R128 measurement systems, including LUFS scale and True Peak, which are optimised for the highest fidelity and dynamic range for 21st century streaming delivery systems.


Room and Monitors

Our carefully controlled listening environment was designed by Fran Manzella of Francis Manzella Design Ltd.

Our main monitors are Dunlavy SC4a loudspeakers with custom McCormack DNA-1 amplifiers. To keep the purest signal path possible we use no active preamp.  Instead, volume levels are controlled by a Placette passive attenuator system and interconnect wires are custom designed by Ambient Labs.

Our secondary system is all vintage: McIntosh 225 tube amplifier and JBL LE8T full range alnico drivers.  There is something intoxicating about the sound of a single driver with no crossover powered by a classic tube amp.



Our rates are competitive with our esteemed competition.  But our results and attention to detail is unrivaled.

Please tell us about your project and we will design a mastering budget that fits.


Equipment List


Magix Sequoia Mastering Workstation 192/64 bit x2

UAD-2 Octo with complete UAD plug in library

Lynx AES16e digital audio pci card x2

RME HDSP-9652 digital audio pci card

Weiss Saracon resampling software

Plug Ins from UAD, Waves, SoundToys, Nugen, Sonex, DMG Audio, Sonarworks

MetricHalo SpectroFoo Complete metering FFT system.

a/d and d/a

Prism ADA-8XR 192/24 ADC/DAC

Prism AD2  96/24  ADC

Lynx Aurora 16-VT

Crane Song Avocette 192/24

Benchmark DAC1 192/24

Lucid Technologies Clock-X8 Word Clock distribution amp

M Audio CO3  Digital Format Converters

Digital Domain FCN-1 Digital Format Converter w/ bit scope monitor

AlgoRhythms/Lundahl  AES / SPDIF Format Converters

outboard digital processing & midi

Weiss DS1-MK3 digital compressor / limiter

Waves L2 UltraMaximizer digital limiter

Meridian 518 DSP processor

MOTU Midi Time Piece AV

outboard analog processing

Custom Ampex MX10 vacuum tube mixer with Neve 1264 line amps

Manley 16x2 vacuum tube Mixer

Manley Massive Passive Stereo Program EQ

Manley Electro-Optical Leveling Amplifier (modified)

Pendulum Audio OCL-2 Vacuum Tube Compressor/Limiter

Maselec MPL-2 Peak Limiter/ DeEsser

Teletronix LA2a Vacuum Tube Compressor/Limiter

Gates Sta-Level Vacuum Tube Compressor

Klark Tecknik DN-780 reverb

AKG BX-20 Reverb

API 5500 Mastering EQ

Spectra Sonics 101 line/mic amplifiers from Record Plant East console 

AlgoRhythms/Western Electric Custom Passive Transformer M/S  network

AlgoRhythms/Western Electric CIA 111 (Custom  Inductive Amplifier)

Telefunken V72a line amplifiers

Neve 31102 Mic/Line Preamp Equalizers

Neve 1024 line amplifiers 

FunkLogic  AP-302  AlgoRhythmic Prosecutor

Dolby 361 dolby A noise reduction 

Dolby SR noise reduction

dbx 180 series 1  

dbx K9 noise reduction


Dunlavy SC 4-a

Dunlavy SC-1 

JBL  LE-8T  single driver full range speakers (AlNiCo version)

McCormack DNA-1 monoblock amplifiers modified by Steve McCormack 

McIntosh MC225

McIntosh MC2150

Placette Audio Passive Attenuator  Monitor Control 

CraneSong Avocet

Dorrough Loudness Meters (mastering scale)

Headroom Home headphone amplifier

Sennheiser HP600 headphones

Grado HP-1 Headphones

Radio Shack "Auratone" type cube speakers

Tivoli Model Two Stereo FM radio

analog tape recorders

Ampex ATR 102  1"  1/2"  or 1/4"  2-Track (rebuilt by ATR Services)  

 with Flux Magnetic extended response heads stereo and mono

Studer B67 1/4" 2 -Track  (rebuilt and modified by John Klett) 

 "butterfly" heads, NAB and CCIR  30 and 15 ips custom rebuilt motors,

  ceramic capstan, external Lambda 24v p/s for analog cards

Studer B67 1/4" 2 -Track  NAB and CCIR 30 and 15 ips

Studer B67 1/4" Quarter Track playback deck for  those old  home recorded and semi-pro tapes  3.75, 7.5, 15 ips

Revox A700 1/4" Quarter Track and 2-Track CCIR NAB 3.75, 7.5, 15 ips 

Revox B215 Cassette Recorder

dat and cd  recorders/players

Alesis Masterlink  w /20 gig hard drive   9hr 96k/24 bit capable

Tascam DA78HR DTRS  8 track 24 bit recorder

Tascam DA45HR      24 bit DAT recorder

Tascam DA30 ll     16 bit DAT recorder

Sony  DA 545       16 bit DAT recorder

Tascam CD-RW2000 CD recorder/player

Sony CDP-D500  CD player

HHB CDR-850 CD recorder

Tascam   CD-D4000 CD duplicator

Sony PCM F-1 w/ Sony SLO 420 Beta Deck

lp vinyl playback

Thorens TD165 turntable

Audio Technica 13s phone cartridge

Adcom 565 preamp

CD disc checkers

Plextor Professional CD diagnosis software for checking C1, C2, and CU disc  errors

NERO  SurfaceScan CD error check software


Z Systems 32x 32  Digital Patchbay w/  midi automation

Signex  Smartpatch 40x40 analog patchbay w/ midi automation

McIntosh MI-3 phase meter and scope    

Leader 60mHz dual trace scope

Separate AC circuits for analog and digital/computer equipment

Equi=Tec Balanced AC power conditioning for all analog equipment  

Tripplite UPS Battery back-up power supplies for computers

Digital Cables:  Belden Media Twist  Hi Speed / Hi Bandwidth cable.   Apogee Wide Eye AES/EBU and S/PDIF

Analog cables: Goertz Alpha Core silver speaker wire

Ambient Labs Music Wire custom XLR  and RCA wiring

FM radio transmitter broadcasts output to Tivoli Model Two Stereo FM radio for "ON AIR" check

Sprouts of Santa Fe Coffee, fresh brewed and strong


Recently we overhauled our pair of Studer B76 1/4" analog tape decks.  These are fantastic sounding machines and in my opinion are superior sounding to the more known A80 series.  You owe it to yourself to hear 15ips record/playback using a B67 set up with CCIR EQ curves.   This is THE sound of Rock'n Roll!

We also refurbished our collection of analog tape noise reduction systems, including Dolby A, Dolby SR and dbx.  We are the only facility in New Mexico that offers full service record and playback of 1/2" 1/4"  widths, all tape speeds and head formats as well as complete noise reduction decoding. And of course we can bake tapes!

New addition:  we've added a Prism ADA-8XR 8 channel analog digital/digital to analog converter, significantly upgrading our analog insert and monitor path.  Stay tuned for an announcement for our new  audio computer workstation.

Congratulations to Leslie Pintchik and Scott Hardy on having their original music chosen for the soundtrack of Orson Wells's recently discovered movie "The Other Side of the Wind".  Michael MacDonald recorded, mixed and mastered this material at Ambient Recording Studios and AlgoRhythms Mastering.

Professional Tips and Advice

Save $100 at your next mastering session.


Here's how to save at least $100 on your next mastering session.

1. Choose your final mixes before before arriving at your mastering session. Sometimes that may not be possible because you need your mastering engineer's opinion or want to listen to the difference between a digital and an analog mix. But if you narrow your decisions before your session begins, you'll save money by reducing auditioning time, which is billable time.

2. Document your source material and make sure it is correctly formatted. Don't bring in a hard drive with hundreds of files with names like: 

01 track-L.aif

01 track-R.aif

02 track-L.wav

02 track-R.wav

03 track-L.bfw

03 track-R.bfw


Put your final mixes with their proper titles in a separate folder called Final Mixes for Mastering. Be sure that your titles and songs match. Failure to do this requires your mastering engineer to go fishing in order to harvest the correct files. This is a waste of his/her time, which translates into a waste of your money.

3. Make sure you know and you tell your mastering engineer ahead of time what format, sampling rate and bit depth your mixes are in. If you have mixes with different formats and sampling rates, letting your mastering engineer know ahead of time will streamline and shorten the load in process because he/she can optimise their proceedures for maxium efficiency.

4. Don't assume your mastering studio has the same kind of computer or software that you used in the mixing studio. Most Macs can read a ProTools formatted hard drive, but many PCs can't. Ask beforehand.

5. Get your mix files or tapes to the mastering studio a few days before your session. This allows the studio to check and verify, or catch a problem before your session begins. If there is a problem, there's usually enough time to fix it, preventing a missed deadline or you being billed for time that isn't productive.

6. Decide on your song sequence before the mastering session. It's okay to change your mind later, but have a first version sequence to start with. Deciding what order your songs belong in while in mastering just runs the meter unnecessarily.

7. Provide the correct title and spelling of each tune at the beginning of the session. The mastering engineer will only have to enter the proper information once, rather than have to first enter something incomplete or incorrect and then take time to correct it later.

8. Obtain your UPC and ISRC code information before the session. Don't wait until the end of your session to mention you will get them later. If you do, then more time will be needed to create a new master with the information you could have brought to the session at the beginning.

9. Prioritize your problems so your mastering engineer will know how to allocate time to best solve your most important concerns. This will help prevent your session from running over budget because too much time was spent dealing with the trivial matters first.

10. Limit those attending your mastering session to the absolute minium. Each additional person will add at least 30 minuites to your final bill. If your session turns into a "hang", you'll be paying for an expensive party rather than the creative musical finish you had hoped to achieve.

Following these steps will save at least 1 hour of billing time and produce a better final product because your mastering engineer can concentrate on being the creative professional you expect, rather than spending time and money on problems that could have been solved before your session began.

Stay Tuned

More to follow.

More Information

About Me



1994 GRAMMY WINNER: McCoy Tyner, Journey, Large Jazz Ensemble

1992 GRAMMY WINNER: McCoy Tyner, The Turning Point, Large Jazz Ensemble 

1983 Music soundtrack Recording Engineer for Academy Award winner Tender Mercies starring Robert Duval

2002-Present: Senior Audio Recording Instructor -  Peabody Institute at Johns Hopkins University 

1983- Present: Chief Engineer/Owner AlgoRhythms Mastering Studio NYC and Santa Fe, NM 

1976 BA – St. John’s College, Santa Fe, NM

Why Santa Fe?



I’ve loved Santa Fe since I went to college here. And when I graduated, I promised myself that someday I’d come back to stay. After 30 years of a successful career recording, mixing and mastering in New York City, it was time for a change.

As much as I love New York, I don’t miss the crowded subway commute or the noise. I traded that for a ten-minute drive to work, where I see snow capped mountains and breathe clean air. 

My clients hail from around the world and usually don’t attend sessions; it doesn’t matter to them where I do my work. And I’m delighted to meet new friends and clients from the Southwest who need my mastering skills.

I have to admit that I miss two things from New York City: my old friends and good sushi…delivered!

Honestly, I couldn’t be happier than I am in Santa Fe, providing world class mastering services to the Southwest and fulfilling a long-standing dream.  

Client List

Record Labels


Acoustic America Music  

Ambient Records 


Atlantic Records 


Bar None  

Bel Canto Society 

Blue Moon  

Blue Toucan Music 

Blue Note   

Bullseye Blues  


CBS Records    


Chriss Cross Jazz  

Classical Action  

Colombia Records  

Concord Jazz  


Delmark Records  

Discovery Records 

Double Time    



Enemy Records 


Evidence Music

Free Lance Records


Helicon Records

JazzAnd Records



King Records 





Nagel Hayer Records



Fresh Sound New Talent

Palmetto Records

Raven Recording

Red Moon Records

Red Records




Sony Masterworks

Stash Records




Three Blind Mice


TVT Records

Varese Sarabande




Ahmad Jamal  

Alan Farnham

Alan Simon 

Amy London

Andrew Hill

Ann Hampton Callaway 

Ansel Matthews

Arkady Kofman

Art Farmer Quintet 

Asian American Jazz Trio 

Avaram Fefer 

Avery Sharp 

Barbara Cook

Ben Allison 

Ben Monder

Ben Waltzer 

Betty Buckley

Bill Charlap 

Bill Mayes 

Bill Zinsser 

Billy Eastley

Billy Pierce 

Bob Belden

Bob Mintzer

Bobby Few

Bobby Watson

C'Est What?

Carl Weathersby

Carlos Barbosa-Lima

Carol Chaikin 

Cecil McBee

Charles Brown

Charles Fambrough

Charles Mingus

Charlie Byrd

Charlie Haden

Chicako Matsunaga

Christian Artmann

Christian Escoude

Corino Bartra

Craig Bailey

Dakota Staton

Danny Doll

David Berkman

David Gilden

David Stryker

David Morganroth

Della Griffin

Derel Monteith

Dick Hyman

Don Friedman

Don Pullen

Don Thompson

Dr. Lonnie Smith


Ed Pettersen

Ed Schuller

Ed Sullivan

Eddie Gomez

Eddie Higgins

Ellen Zachos


Ethel Ennis

Etta Jones


Frank Christian

Frank Gordon

Frank Kimbrough

Fred Hersch

Freddy Cole

Freedy Johnston

Full Circle

Gabrielle Roth

Gantz Brothers

Gene Bertoncini

Geoff Keezer

George Braith

Georgr Cables

George Shearing

Glen Alexander

Glenn Wilson

Gregg Woodfin

Rory Stewart

Greg Green

Greg Hatza

Greg Kallor

Greg Marvin

Hank Jones 

Harold Danko

Harvie Swartz

Hilton Ruiz

Houston Person

Human Feel

Humbucker And The Hi-LoTones

John Abercrombie 

John Scofield

Jack McDuff

Jack Walrath

Jacky Terrasson

Jackie and Roy

Jake Leckie

James Willaims

Jane Fonda

Jane Ira Bloom

Janis Siegel 

Javone Jackson

Jay Hoggard

Jay Leonhart

Jean Bardy

Jeff Berman

Jeff "Tain" Watts

Jerome Barde

Jerome Sannagh

Jeremy Wallace

Jerry Granelli

Jerry Gonzalaz

Fort Apachie

Jimmy McGary

Jim Snidero

Joanne Brackeem

Joe Giacoio

Joel Chassen

Joel Frahm

John Blake

John Doughten

John Hammond

John Hicks

Elise Wood

Jane Ira Bloom

John Kamitsuka

John Patton

Johnny Lytle

Jon Gagan

Jon Gordon

Jon Metzger

Joef Fram

Jordi Rossy

Judy Carmichael

Judy Collins

Judy Niemack

Julie Davidson

Julio Padron

Kenny Burrell

Kenny Werner

Kerry Kearney

Kieth MacDonald

Kirk Lightsey

Kito Peters

Klaus Suonsaari

Larry Goldings

Leandro Braga

Lee Konitz

Peggy Stern

Leny Andrade

Leslie Pintchik

Scott Hardy

Lili Anel

Lisa Carmen

Lisa Sokolov

Loose Shoes

Luciana Sousa

Makoto Kuriya

Marian McPhartland

Mark Gross

Mark Murphey

Mark Soskin

Marty Ehrlich

Mary Cleere Haran

Masahiko Osaka

Tomonao Hara

Mass Production

Matt Balitsaris

Matt Wilson

McCoy Tyner

Melvin Taylor

Meredith d'Ambrosio

Michael Leonhart

Michael Bocian

Michael Carvin

Michael Kanen

Michael Moore

Michael Petrucciani

Mike LaDonne

Mike Holober

Mimi Fox

Mindy Jostyn

Mitsuaki Kishi

Morgana King

Natalie Douglas

Native Ground

New York Jazz Quintet

New York Unit


Niels Lan Doky

Norma Winstone

Norman David

Oliver Lake Quintet

Paul Motian

Pete McCann

Phillip Harper

Pirjo Hirvonen

Ray Vega

Richard Hager

Kenny Barron

Richard Rodney Bennett

Richard Shulman

Rick Stone

Rickey Woodard

Rob Reddy/Quttah

Robert Duvall

Robert Een

Robin Eubanks

Sal Mosca

Steve Torre

Ray Vega

Roland Vazquez

Ron de Shazo

Ron Horton

Ron McClure

Ron McCroby

Roni Ben-Her 

Ronnie Peterson

Ronny Skyland

Rosemary Clooney

Roseanna Vitro

Roslyn Burrough

Roy Cambell

Roy Haynes

Rufus Reid

Rumba Club

Satoko Fujii

Scott Alexander

Scott Colley

Scott Foster

Scott Hamilton

Scott Robertson

Scott Shane/Palace Recording

Segun Awe

Shingo Okudaira

Shinichi Kato

Shunzo Ohno

Sir Charles Thompson

Six Gun


Stan Thompson

Stanley Cowell

Stephine Nakasian

Stephan Crump

Steve Forbert

Steve Million

Steve Nelson

Steve Olson

Steve Slagle

Sunna Gunnlaugs

Takashi Shimamoto

Takeshi Yamaguchi

Ron Carter


Ted Curson

Ted Nash

Ted Perry

The Nudes

Theo Bleckmann

Thirtheenth Floor

Thirteen Ways

Tim Hagans

Tito Puente

Tom Lawton

Tom Postilio

Tom Varner

Tomonao Hara

Tomoko Ohno

Toots Thielemans


Trio Da Paz

Vinnie Ruggoeri Trio

Warren Vache

Walter Parks

Wilber Morris

Willie Williams

Yang Hee Eun

Yochi Kobayshi

Yuka Aikawa

Zane Massey

Download the AlgoRhythms DDP Player

Here are links to download a fully functioning DDP player.  You can audition your file set and burn a CD.


To install the AlgoRhythms DDP Player on either Windows or Mac, follow these steps:

  • save the appropriate .zip file for your platform to a folder on your hard drive
  • extract the zip fil
  • run the extracted executable app

The AlgoRhythms DDP Player is now installed. During the first startup you will be  asked to enter a key.

Clients can obtain this key by emailing a request.  Once installed you will not need it again.

Listen to your music, check logs, ISRC, UPC/EAN, and meta data for errors and burn a fully functioning CD.

You can use this software for any DDP files you receive in the future, even ones from another places.  And its free!

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We love our clients, so feel free make an appointment to stop by and listen during normal business hours. 

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